12 Tips for a Full Thanksgiving

As you are snuggling in bed reviewing the day’s events, what would you want to have happened to make Thanksgiving day perfect? I recently asked this question on Facebook and here are a few answers.

Lots of mashed potatoes -and everyone getting along

Family togetherness – A room thick with love as everyone stands around the Christmas tree holding hands and singing carols.

Sleep in (or at least 5 hours straight), have everything prepped ahead, hang with my littles a lot, and do dishes together

Everyone made it safely to our house and just had a great time all being together.

Nothing gets burned or over/under cooked

Being with family.

Family, serenity, good food and love

Peace. Encouragement to others. Rest. Love shared with those we come in contact with.

If by some miracle I could see all my family! (And walk to the top of the hill after dinner!)

No migraine headaches for anyone (good, pain free day for those suffering from chronic illness)

Out of 365 days a year, Thanksgiving is my favorite day when it comes to food. I love the smell of turkey, a plate piled high with carbs and sugar. Followed by the resulting food coma that defies the self-control and calorie counting I practice most other days of the year.  Health, Food, family, love, unity – what more could we ask for?

We all shop, prep, set the timer and pray the turkey is moist and stuffing not too dry. By being intentional we create an atmosphere of success. Want to set the day up for the unity and love? Me too. Here are some ideas to get the juices flowing.  Pick one or two – tweak them to fit your needs. Have fun and live loved!

12 Tips to a Full Thanksgiving

  1. Thankful Circle. Pass around a bag of M&M’s and have each person take as many as they want.  Then go around the table and then for each M&M share one thing for which you are thankful.
  2. I Like You Because. Have each person write their name on a post-it note. Then pass the paper to the right. Write one word to describe that person and pass it to the right.  Continue around the circle until you get your own paper back.  I love this activity.  You will then have a paper with all the character qualities others appreciate about you.
  3. Live loved.  Give yourself and those around you grace.  Holidays can be some of the hardest times.  Long after people have forgotten the food and trimmings of the day they will remember how you made them feel.
  4. Laugh.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  5. Do a 360. Ask yourself “what is it like to live with me?” Live like someone you’d want to hang around.
  6. Be a blessing.  No matter how good/bad your circumstances are, turn the focus off how you feel or what you want to loving and serving others. You will be amazed at how much happier you are.
  7. Be Still. Slip away for 10 minutes in the morning before all the hustle begins.  Spend 2 minutes on each activity (or more if you have time)
    1. Yoga or stretching
    2. Write out three things you are thankful for
    3. Read Psalms 136
    4. Pray and thank God for the blessings you have
    5. Visualize in your mind how you see the ideal day playing out
  8. Take a walk. Breathe the fresh air. Have a bonfire. Play some flag football.
  9. I love my family because… before the meal, pause and have each person share what they love about their family.
  10. Play Boardgames.
  11. Take pictures.  Group pictures.  Silly pictures. Action pictures.  Have fun with it.
  12. Make Thanksgiving cards. Give each family member a card or letter sharing why you are thankful they are in your life.



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  1. Beautiful! I love the different perspectives on what would make a super thanksgiving, as well as your action items. We love board games, and now I’ll make sure we play some. 🙂 We think alike, we do. I’m thankful for your faithfulness in sharing what God puts on your heart.

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