Memorizing James – 5 Month Update

1275254684-quotation-confucius-perseverance-life-education-long-inspirational-meetville-quotes-215554I’ve got some good news and some bad news.

Bad news first:

I’ve been at it this for five months! Each of the Mastery of Memory days takes me about a week.  Their tagline is accelerated learning.  It’s more like keep showing up day after day learning.

And now the good news:

It is working! I’m on my target to finish memorizing the Book of James by the end of the year.  James has 108 verses and I have 90 of them memorized. That’s 83%.  I was at 22% in July. Woot!

Here’s what’s working

  1.  66 Day Calendar – I downloaded, printed and hung this calendar on my bathroom mirror.  I crossed off each day as after I spent 15 memorizing James.  This step really helped me show up each day.
  2. Mastery of Memory – The mnemonics program has allowed me to remember where a verse is based on a memory palace.  Each room in the palace corresponds with a verse in a chapter.  Each chapter has item. So if I wanted to know James 3:5 I would think of the ham (the item for chapter 3) in the attic (the room for chapter 5).
  3. Scripture Typer – I upgraded their app when I hit the limit on the number of free verses you could memorize. It was worth the $9.99 price tag.  I like the daily reminders, heat spots, stats, audio, and flashcards.  This helps me remember the individual verses
  4. Listening to Audio – Listening to the book straight through takes about 15 minutes.  While I’m listening I try and say it or read it. I just added this step last week because while I could locate most verses in my mind, I wasn’t feeling like they were coming together well as a whole.

After so many failed attempts, I am getting butterflies in my stomach at hitting my goal of memorizing the book of James in 2016.  There are six weeks left – and I think it might actually happen!  This process has taught me a lot about endurance. I’ve learned that if one way doesn’t work that doesn’t mean I can’t do it. It just means I need to try something else until it finally clicks.  I am also so proud to not be defined by my limitations. Instead of believing the lie that I have a bad memory, I proved to myself that I can do it.  That feels really good.

One of the ways to reach a goal is to share it with others so they can hold you accountable.  Watch for my next update – my six month and final update when I plan to post a video of me reciting the book of James.




  1. The kind of commitment you describe reminds me of athletics or any difficult pursuit. The long and difficult road to memorizing Scripture– who would’ve thought it would remind me of Rocky Balboa running along his road!? The plan and the motivation you describe can be applied to just about any worthwhile endeavor. I’m excited to hear you’re overcoming!

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