Memorizing James -One Month Update

This is me trying to memorize James:


I wish I was kidding. But I’m not. This is me every single morning. If you want a summary of my month – you can stop reading now and just say a prayer for me.  If you want the painful details, keep reading.

Mastery of Memory

Mastery of Memory boasts you can memorize James in one month with 15 minutes a day. I’m sure some people can -I just don’t seem to be one of them. I love the program – just at a much slower pace. The first few days went well, until Day 10 when 5+ verses were given for one day.  Not even with an hour a day were the verses sticking in my brain.


What’s Working

  •  My favorite part of Mastery of Memory is the mnemonics. I am able to remember the references – something I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to do without the program.
  • I also like the structure of the program. It teaches you theme verses for each chapter. I like having the overview of James memorized.
  • I review each verse in Scripture Typer which has daily reminders
  • Fighter Verses has a record button that you can say the verses you learned and then it speaks your voice back to you and you can check your work.  At first I froze up each time I tried to record, but it’s getting easier and it seems to be helping.
  • I downloaded a chain app (Habit Bull) which challenges me to keep the chain going by checking off each day you do memory work.
  • I also read that saying the verse over out loud ten times helps. Just started trying that.


What’s not

  • I battle the urge to quit almost daily.  Progress seems so slow
  • My brain literally feels tired after an hour or so of working on memorizing.  It’s discouraging to come back the next day and still not have the verses down enough to move on.
  • I’m trying to find a system that works for me (15 min. a day? Once a day? Twice a day?)


Where I’m at now

Check out  Energize your quiet time  if you want to see why I’m working on memorizing James.

There are 108 verses in James and I’ve got 21 memorized, which is about 22%. That means it’s still realistic to finish by the end of the year. I keep reminding myself that it’s not how fast I memorize, but that I am implanting the Word in me – which will make me more like Christ.  That’s the goal – to be more like Christ, right?

Any suggestions? Advice on what has worked/not worked for you? Leave them in the comments below.  Until next month.






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