Book Review: Breaking Busy by Alli Worthington

_140_245_Book.1835.cover Are you tired and overwhelmed? Do you feel you are on a hamster wheel and can’t stop the spinning?  In Breaking Busy: How to Find Peace and Purpose in a World of Crazy, Alli Worthington walks you through Biblical principles that uncover lies and helps you discover how to stop feeling empty . She shares examples from her own life and help you see it is possible to have peace and fulfillment in your life too.

 This book caught my eye because I seem to always find myself rushing around trying to fit more into a day than the time allows.  I appreciated Alli’s straightforward approach to truths mixed with lots of personal examples showing she believes and practices what she is writing. The book isn’t a bunch of surface solutions, but digs down to the root causes of our busyness – often fear. Alli shares practical ways to become all God created you to be.  I have some good take-aways from this book that have already begun to help me lead a more peaceful, fulfilling life.  If you struggle with feeling stressed and anxious, I would recommend this book to you. I rate this book four stars.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book:

“If the Devil can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy.”

“An inability to control our emotions and constantly feeling anxious, irritable, depressed and overwhelmed are all signs something isn’t right. Out-of-control emotions often reflect the out-of-control demands we put on ourselves.”

“We have to break the cycle of busy in our lives if we are going to have enough room to discover God’s plan.”

“When we try to design our own path; taking advantage of every opportunity that comes along without thought to how God designed us, we end up overwhelmed, feeling like failures – and way too busy.”

*While I received this book free from the publisher, you –  the reader are my first priority. I am committed to giving an honest review to help you decide if the book is a good fit for you..

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