Always Enough–Never Too Much (Book Review)

When I was growing up my Dad would say, “When you grow up, I hope you have a child just like you.”

My reply was the same every time. “I hope I do. Because she’ll be awesome!”

But that confidence was only skin deep. After the lights were out and the house was quiet, I would wonder–was I lovable with my strong opinions and emotions on my sleeve? What about when I made mistakes or let those around me down? Was I enough?

Maybe you’ve wondered some of those same questions.

I was first attracted to this book because of the design. It is a flip book, the first side is in blue typeset with fifty devotionals about being enough.

  • Even when you need affirmation
  • Even when you feel unqualified
  • Even when you can’t do everything for everyone

When you flip the book over the typeset is in red. The fifty devotionals are about never being too much.

  • Even when you have no filter
  • Even when you have lots of ideas
  • Even when you’re like a tornado

But even if a book is the cutest in the world, what really matters is the content.

This book does not disappoint.  Each devotional is short with a Bible verse and a story that only takes a couple of minutes to read. I found the words stuck with me throughout the day though. This is a book I wish I would have read when I was a teenager. But, even as an adult, the words were encouraging, positive and reinforced truths that are easy to forget.


**I was given a free copy of this book, but this review is my own thoughts and opinions.



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