Gratitude: A Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal (Book Review)

My Thoughts: When Tyndale asked me to review this product, I was hesitant since I have not colored since elementary school . The recent adult coloring craze baffled me.  When it came I was impressed with the beautiful feel of the book. I decided I would color just one page so I could give a more accurate review.  After digging through the back of the closet I found our colored pencils and sat down to color.

Turns out I like to color.  Who knew?  Instead of writing the review, I’ve spent my time coloring a total of 16 pages.   I enjoy coloring while listening to an audible book or a podcast. I seem to hear better when my hands are busy.

What I didn’t like:  It’s a minor thing, but some pages have one picture covering both the right unnamedand left page so when you are coloring you can’t color well in the crease and the picture doesn’t quite line up.  Also, Some pages have parts of the picture colored in. I can see where some people might like this, but I would prefer to choose my own color palette.

What I liked:  I found it is a good way to change up my quiet time with God.  The pages have prayers on them and spaces for journaling.  It is peaceful to sit and color and praise God for His character.

Overall, I was impressed with the product and plan to pick up a few for Christmas gifts.  Tyndale has a whole line of Living Expressions Collection. You can check out their Inspire Creativity board on Pinterest for downloadable samplers and shareable coloring pages.

I Would Recommend this to: Anyone who wants to relax, learn to be still and quiet or deepen their relationship with God.  This would also make a nice gift for all ages.



I have received a copy of this book from Tyndale House for an honest review of the product.  

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