Let Me Fly

Nico Kaiser

They’ve clipped my wings
It’s for my good, they say

Fury bubbles up from deep within
Threatening to burn all within its path

I can’t breath
I can’t move

These chains are so heavy
I’m so weary from fighting them

It’s for my good, they say
But they don’t know me

Give me space
Let me fly

I might wobble a bit at first
But I can do it, if you’d just let me try

Believe in me
Let me try

Give me a chance
It might not look like you think it should

But I’d rather be me
Than who you think me should be

This poem is dedicated to every teenager who thinks their parents don’t understand their journey from a caterpillar to a butterfly.



  1. Deb

    This is awesome and so very very accurate! We all go thru that caterpillar to butterfly transition and it’s not an easy one, and later in life they get to transition again! Beautifully written.

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