Hope Realized

Over the last five years I have experienced severe vision distortion and loss that was considered permanent. New technology allowed me to undergo eye surgeries this last October.  When I went into the surgeries we were cautiously optimistic, and there were no guarantees.


Hope Realized

When all hope was lost
and then it wasn’t.

Expectations were low
the prognosis was dim

Under the laser
colors swirled in my lens-less eye

My future held in a balance
all hung on that one moment

Unspeakable joy
when all that was wrong was set right

Opening my eyes to a crisp clear world
numb with gratitude at the gift I’d been given

Days have passed into weeks
yet elation still overwhelms unexpectedly

Beautiful leaves swaying in the wind
An emotion perceived in someone’s eye

My child’s beautiful face
Sitting again behind the wheel of the car

Typing with my eyes open
the words now clear on the screen

Thankful beyond words
to be given back what was once considered lost forever


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