The Art of Not Writing

Do you ever have so much in your head that when you sit down to write, you stare at the black screen and have no clue where to start?  All the strands of thoughts are running through your head colliding and bouncing off each other.

Sometimes it’s easy to write.  Subject in hand, you are eager to get started and your fingers fly over the keys.  But then the days come when your heart is heavy and words seem hollow.  How do you write on those days?

So instead, telling yourself it will help you get motivated, do you surf Facebook — until something a friend posts triggers your mind and you head to Amazon and buy that thing you knew you needed — but forgot until this very moment? And while you are on Amazon, you see an add for a book you want to read. You decide to check the library and see if it’s available there.  While at the site for the library you order an audio book that you think you might enjoy. Then you download it and start listening.  Just to check it out and see if you like it. Soon the time available to write has whittled away with nothing to show.  Can you relate?  Yeah. Me too.


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