The Power of Vulnerability

In the post Shame and Vulnerability I discussed my current most favorite video.  Only thing is – I linked the wrong video.  Don’t get me wrong – the video I linked is a good one. It’s actually a follow up Ted talk by Brene Brown.  But the one I actually wanted to show you is this one:

When I realized I’d posted the wrong video, my stomach dropped.  The irony of  posting the wrong video when I was talking about vulnerability was not lost on me.  I weighted my options.  I could swap them out – maybe no one would notice.  But, what if they did? I could delete the whole post. I could post the correct video in the comments.   Finally, I realized the best option was the one that is best in most circumstances.  Just own it and move on.  So, here I am – owning it.  Enjoy the video.


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  1. I love the irony– this is JUST the sort of thing that happens to me! Thank you for sharing! As soon as I have time, one of my goals is to write without letting my pride filter stop everything. Your posts on vulnerability are coming at just the right time.

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