I Love You, Mom!

A mother’s love begins

Before the child is born

And lasts through time

And Difficulties

And Differences

And many Wounds

And days of Joy

And days of Sorrow, Winding, Wearing

Weeping, Sharing,Changing

Until, at the end

What remains

Is that solid core

That began as love

Before the child was born. 

-author unknown

img134Rarely a day goes by that I don’t get that twinge of excitement at the anticipation of sharing this bit or that bit of my day with my mom.  Sometimes it’s momentous events – other times mundane day to day stuff.  Sometimes it’s joyous, other times I just need a shoulder to cry on.  That’s the thing about my mom – she is always there – listening, loving and caring.

I remember when I left home for college – back in the day when long distance phone calls were not cheap. But that didn’t stop my mom from communicating with me.  My mailbox was overflowing with letters from mom -as well as my cat.  My mom would write letters from my cat and even sign them with a paw print.

Then, as I began my life as a new bride I would carve out a few moments in the evenings to share my day with my mom. I also have fond memories of lugging laundry to her house each week so we could chat while I saved a few dollars not doing laundry at the apartment. Then the kids came and no matter how tired or worn out I was, I looked forward to sharing the good, bad and ugly of my day with toddlers with mom.  The kids grew, we all grew, I guess.  But one thing remained the same.  Mom was always there.

Then last summer she moved two hours away. And you know what changed?  Absolutely nothing.  During an eventful weekend this past weekend, I would update my mom with the details throughout the day. I would think most people would have become impatient with my excessive number of phone calls.  But, not mom.  She would patiently stop whatever she was doing and share the moments with me.  Even now as I’m typing, I’m thinking about what has transpired today and how excited she will be to share the news with me.  Thing is – the details of this weekend weren’t spectacular, and they would certainly bore you.  But not my mom! She loves me and enjoys hearing about my life as much as I enjoy sharing it with her.  Having cell phones with unlimited minutes means  I can chat with mom any time I want.

There is no one else in the world who has known me as long as she has – she has known me nine extra precious months than even those who met me the day I was born. It is a privilege  and blessing to have someone who has unconditionally loved me my whole entire life – every single day.  I love you, Mom.  Thank you for always being there.

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  1. You are so precious to me! Your words made me cry. There is a special bond between you and me that I believe began even before you were born. I would write an entire book about you my precious daughter. Thank you for your unconditional love. How I love you!!!! Mom

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