Rice Cooker

My husband has decided I need a rice cooker.  When he has brought up the subject in the  past I have always explained that there is no need to spend money on another kitchen gadget.  I have a pot and it cooks rice simply.  If I need rice for a meal later in the day, I just cook it ahead of time and stick it in the refrigerator until supper.

He gently mentioned that the rice he eats when on business meals doesn’t taste the same as it does at home.  Oh. Really? I thought about it. I guess I have never eaten rice at a restaurant.  At least not since my college days when I would eat Chinese food.  My reasoning was that rice is an inexpensive food I can make at home. Why in the world would I order it when I’m out?

Since I don’t eat gluten – we do eat a lot of rice.  Apparently, the rice comes out the same every time when you use a rice cooker.  And it’s good – not crunchy or burned.  Not that I ever do that.  I could set it early in the morning and it would be done when I came home.

So, I relented and allowed my husband to buy me a gift. Nice of me, huh?  Apparently, he has been on the lookout for a while now and has done some research on the matter.  Zojirushi is the one – the best.  However, the price tag left me gasping.  Here’s the deal he couldn’t pass up. It has fuzzy logic which means it makes fuzzy rice, right? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?!

Rosewill RHRC-13001 5.5 cup uncooked/11 cup cookedrice
It retails for $79.99. Newegg is offering a $30 promo code through 4/28.

Code:  EMCPFHH224



I will update you on my thoughts once it gets here and I give it a try.  Stay tuned!





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