Love Casts out Fear

It’s time for an update on my first post, Nice Doggie…Nice Doggie,  written a little over five months ago. As you may remember, I encountered my fear head on.  That warm September day I refused to listen to my emotions and began a long lasting friendship with a furry friend.

Credit: Luke Griffiths
Credit: Luke Griffiths

I remember my timidity as I reached my hand out to the fearsome looking creature, who I was quite sure was ready to munch on my fingers for lunch. I don’t know when or how it happened, but now when I see the same face I just want to snuggle up to him and give him a big hug.  Why? How? What did I do to overcome my fear?

I guess I just faked it until I made it.

I have a standing weekly date with Abbott.  We hang out on the lower level of my friend’s home while my children take a literature class from her.  These few quiet hours with Abbott have become the highlight of my week. Over time, my fear slowly, unnoticed by me, turned to love.

He now greets me each week and we head to our room. Then, since I’ve gotten the inside scoop on where his treats are hidden, we sneak away to the closet to find them. To my utter surprise he takes the treat from my hand like a mouse – very carefully and gently.

We then head to our hangout spot.  Abbott does one of many things.  Sometimes he gets on the recliner and snuggles down – which is really funny because he’s not a little dog!  Sometimes he gets his toy and runs around the room like a puppy.  He gives it to me and we throw it back and forth and back and forth.  Sometimes he puts his nose on my hands so I pet him.  How stinking cute is that?  There was the time he barked at me until I got up.  He barked a bit more until I followed him…right into their college-aged daughter’s room.  As she looked up, my response was, “Um, Abbott brought me in here.”  Not sure what that was all about?! And once, just once, he ran back and forth jumping on the couch and dashing around the room wildly.  He’s just so lovable and funny!

Looking at the above paragraph, you can see I no longer am faking my love for my friend’s furry baby.  I think he’s snatched a part of my heart.

Here’s a view from my comfy seat on the couch.  As you can see – my dear friend lavishes love on me as abbottshe blesses me with a cup of coffee, often a yummy dessert, and a warm and beautiful fire. So for the next two hours it’s blissfully quiet with just me, Abbott, the fire and my coffee.  A homeschool mom’s dream.  I feel like a princess for the afternoon.  I am a bit fearful of what I will do when my children’s classes end.  She may just find me in her basement with the dog one afternoon.  Wonder if she’ll think then it was a good idea I addressed my fear issues?


  1. Eeeeeeck! Can it get any better? I LOVE how you take me, step by step, through the process of your relationship with my favorite 4-footed-friend! And the fuzzy socks– priceless! Knowing how you’re blessed on those class days warmed my heart! 🙂

    • You bless me all the time – on non-class days too! I think you definitely have a keeper there! It was a good reminder for me that time + right choices = changed attitudes. Need to apply that to other areas of my life!

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