Scanner Pro is My New Favorite App

I have been a die-hard OneNote fan for years.  I had experimented with Evernote four years ago and decided to organize my recipes in OneNote. The experience has been a good one and one I probably would not have reevaluated except for Scanner Pro.  My husband had snatched this gem up a few weeks ago when it was free. Knowing what I know now it’s a good value at the $6.99 price tag and a steal for the $2.99 sale price right now.

My love relationship with Scanner Pro began when I had a pile of odd and end papers I needed to do something with.  They had been accumulating for over a year and just hung out at the back of my to-do file.  You know the ones – business cards, an inspirational quote scribbled on the back of a scrap of paper, a brand name you don’t want to forget.  At first, I was going to hand type the information into OneNote.  That just seems so looooong and boring….

Then I remembered Scanner Pro app on my Ipad. You should be hearing angels singing in your head right now. That’s how happy I was when I zipped through the pile of papers in minutes – yes, minutes!  Scanner Pro captures your image, allows you to upload it to various locations very quickly and easily.

I watched a ton of videos and reviews and this one is my favorite – it will give you a good feel for the app.

This got me thinking about the possibility of scanning recipes instead of hand typing them.  Keep an eye out for my next post: Why Evernote Rocks for Organizing Recipes.

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