An Open Letter to the Suicide Victims in Our Community


Matthew and Anthony,

I’m mad. Fist punching the wall mad.  You should be here – but you are gone.  It wasn’t supposed to be this way.  Why? Why?  Why?

What tormented you so deeply you decided life wasn’t worth living? How did you get to the point that this seemed the best answer? Did you share your pain with anyone or were you suffering in silence? Oh, how I wish we could understand.  Maybe then we could have helped you…or the next distraught teen.  But, you can’t tell us now. Many questions are forced to be unanswered.

If there was one thing I could tell you now it would be that you matter. You have value and worth.  Society is forever changed because of your choice. You took that from us. How could you be so focused on getting relief from the situation you were in that you lost sight of who you were?

If in the moment, when all seems dim – hold on. Hold on. The darkness doesn’t define you. Light, although a vague distant concept, maybe closer than you think.  Reach out. Keep reaching out until someone hears. Don’t suffer alone.

Oh how I wish it weren’t too late. Death is so final. So permanent.  If only I could have told you there is hope.



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