And It Was Good

Every time I read Genesis I am left with unanswered questions.

  • “In the beginning”  Genesis 1:1 What about before the beginning?  God has no beginning and no end – so what was it like before he created the world?  Did he make other worlds? But then Jesus would have to die for each of those too, right? Is that possible?
  • “Let us make man.” Vs. 26.  From the beginning there was three in one – God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  How does that work?  As much as I try and understand it, it still baffles me.

Then there are those things that just amaze me.

  • “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” Genesis 1:26 What?!  How amazing is that? God, a God who can speak and something is created  – makes us like Him? Whoa.  Am I treating those around me – and myself like we are made in God’s image?
  • “And it was good.”   The God of the Universe made a beautiful place for us to live and then made us – and then said He was pleased with all He made.
    • Vs. 4 “The light was good.”
    • Vs. 10 Earth and seas – “And God saw that it was good.”
    • Vs. 12 Trees and plants – “And God saw that it was good.”
    • Vs. 18 Sun, moon and stars – “And God saw that it was good.”
    • Vs. 21 Birds and sea creatures – “And God saw that it was good.”
    • Vs. 25 Animals – “And God saw that it was good.”
    • Vs 31 Everything He made – “It was very good.”

A few years back our family flew from the East Coast to the West Coast. I sat next to a business man who gave the obligatory hellos and then promptly opened his laptop and got to work.  As we flew across the country, I was in awe when we hit the mountains.  I didn’t expect that I could see them from the plane and was delighted.  My business traveler friend had finished his work and after lunch had a snooze.  He was just waking up as I was snapping photo after photo on my phone.  I think I may have been audibly ahhing and oohing  some too.  I just couldn’t believe something so beautiful existed.

I felt a little self conscious, here he was – all business-like and I’m google-eyed over the views out the window like I’d never been out of my house before.  At that moment, he asked me if I could take a picture with his phone.  Handing him back his phone, he shared that he would be returning to Ohio later that evening after a business meeting in LA.  He said he had been making this trip at least once a month for two years. And, never once had he seen the mountains.  He usually closed the window shade and used the time to work.

As I got off the plane that day, I thought about how often I am busy, busy, busy — doing, doing, doing. And, I miss what is good.

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I loved hearing about this poor business man! Do you think your enthusiasm caused him to finally want a picture? This comparison really speaks to me. I’m always busy being “productive,” and I can miss the oohs and ahhhhs. I can’t tell you how much your devotions mean to me. Thank you.


Thanks for your encouragement. Yes, he said he was thankful he ran into me thst day, it changed his perspective. Kind of stuck with me because I tend to miss those moments for the sake of perfectionism.