Perspective is everything

I woke up to 23 degrees and snow on the ground. A warm fireplace and hot tea warmed my body and soul. As I listened to Andrew Peterson I thought about perspective. Often we want the rain to just stop. If only blah blah blah then I would be happy. But, rain brings growth. Rain brings life.

The second Beatitude says, “Blessed are they that mourn.” I don’t appreciate a hot cup of tea and a fireplace when the sun is high in the sky in July as I do on the first snowy day in November.

Check out my first ever spontaneous video. Shout out to Kelly Griffiths, a good friend who challenges me to get outside my comfort zone.


  1. Mary C Schurdell

    I loved your quiet and peaceful spirit and how you helped me to look not just the cold and the snow, but at difficult situations, I am facing. I need to stop seeing the negative and look for the good in these situations. Thank you.

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