The Struggle is Real. (Book Review)

My Thoughts

I ended up liking this book more than I thought I would. Having spent time over the last few years dealing with the junk from my past, Nicole Unice’s newest book was a pleasant refresher on many of the tools and principles I’ve practiced in my life.

We aren’t defined by our past, nor are we slaves to it. The Struggle is Real shares Biblical principals and practical principles in a conversational style book that’s easy and enjoyable to read.

Quotes and thoughts from my notes:

  • The struggle is between our past and our new story.
  • What attention do we give our struggles? It takes lots of energy to hide from them. And then we end up paying later.
  • Our character isn’t formed during conflict, it’s displayed.
  • We can’t control hurt, but we can control how it becomes part of our story.
  • We act from what we believe. Do we believe God is good?
  • How I react to my hurt forms my attitudes. My attitudes fuel my actions.
  • Adversity brings opportunity for growth.
  • When we open the doors of our past, we find the child in pain there. We find healing and joy when we unravel and re thread it into a new story.
  • Jesus responds to us on the basis of his character, not ours.
  • You know you are living in love when you experience security in your inner world and embrace vulnerability.
  • You know you are living in truth when you experience a deep desire for wholeness coupled with recognition of your helplessness to fix yourself.
  • You know you are living in forgiveness when you experience healing and transformation
  • You know youare are living in freedom when your overall sense of gratitude in life and compassion for yourself and others increases.

I would recommend it to anyone looking to grow and be unhooked from the pain of your past.

Summarize the book in one sentence: This book gives you tools to write a new story from your old one.

I have received a copy of this book from Tyndale House for an honest review of the product.

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