Going Crazy – Part 2

“Hey Mom, so in Germany we have this thing we do to unwind. We watch a TV show and then everyone runs upstairs and puts on the pajamas. Then we watch another show before bed.”

You’d think I would have caught on. Nope. I took my dear sweet daughter at face value. After the first episode of The Office on Netflix, I hurried upstairs and put my pj’s on. The day had been full. It felt good to relax on the couch with James and Catie and unwind.

After the second episode of The Office I was ready for bed.

“It’s only 8:30 PM, Mom.  How about one more show. I think it will help with jet-lag if I stay up until 9 PM.”

Without any further thought I pressed the play button. I’m zoning while Pam is trying to throw paperclips into Dwight’s coffee cup. 

There’s some commotion and I turn to my left to see someone standing in my kitchen. The lights were off and he was wearing all dark. I’m startled. James is startled. We’d locked the front door. There wasn’t anyone in the house except the three of us.

“We’re going crazy,” my son says from the shadows.

Not once in 24 hours, but twice. Twice my children surprised me. I had no clue. It wasn’t on my radar. First, because Catie was tired from jet-lag. Second because Jon works 3rd shift and had left around 7 PM to get some sleep before going to work. Third, because I thought Catie coming in a day early was our Going Crazy this year. 

We got home from Going Crazy around 11 PM–the time James and I should have been at the airport picking Catie up. What a fun-filled, unexpected 24 hours. Thank you, Jon and Catie, I love you guys to the moon and back. You’re the best kids in the world.  

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