Announcing the Launch of my New Website

I am pleased to announce the launch of Filled to Empty.  The end of this month I will have been blogging for three years at Stream of Hope.  While has been an excellent experience -and I still recommend it as a great place to start your blogging journey, I’ve run into some limitations. It’s time to move to a self-hosted site.

I would have loved to keep the name Stream of Hope, but there is a mission agency in California with that name. With the possibility of legal ramifications, I decided it wise to head back to the drawing board.

The idea behind Filled to Empty is that you can’t pour milk from an empty pitcher.  We need to be filled by God so that we can be emptied into others. Last October I lost a friend suddenly to cancer on the same day I had successful eye surgery that gave me a second chance on life.  As a result, I’ve spent a good part of this last year reflecting.

My take away – life is a mist.

We don’t know how much time we have here on earth. I want to make it count, which to me means investing in eternity by loving others well.  And, I can’t do that if my soul is parched, my body is exhausted and my mind frazzled.

We need to fill ourselves so we can pour into others.

I am excited to walk this journey with you and look forward to hearing from you. I value your thoughts and input as we grow together, please leave comments after the posts – I read each one of them.  You can also find me on twitter @nancymbeach, follow me on facebook or email me.

If you were following me on Stream of Hope please note the name change -same blog, same content new name.  Please sign up for blog updates below.  I never share or sell or information.

Lastly, I realize there are always bugs in a new launch. It would be a blessing to me if you would let me know if links aren’t working or something looks funky – thanks!

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