Why is it Hard to be Humble?

After spending hours trying to learn how to back up my website, I asked my husband. Sitting in amazement, I watched as he clearly explained not only my questions, but the why behind each step.  Light bulbs went off in my head as I understood not only what  FTP was but CCS and HTML.  I listened intently and asked questions throughout the conversation.

Later that night it struck me, why am I so often in a hurry to share my thoughts and ideas instead of listening to the way other people do it.  Why was I willing to hear and accept what James was saying when it came to computers? He was knowledgeable on the subject – I recognized I was not.

Humility vs. Pride


  • My focus is on others
  • I am concerned with loving others well
  • I care about self-control in my life


  • My focus is on my desires
  • I am concerned with oving myself well
  • I act as if I am an authority over other people’s lives

Want more? My pastor referenced  The Proud and the Broken Chart in a sermon a few weeks ago – it’s good.

Corrie ten Boom was once asked if it was difficult for her to remain humble. Her reply was simple. “When Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday on the back
of a donkey, and everyone was waving palm branches and throwing garments on the road, and singing praises, do you think that for one moment it ever entered the head of that donkey that any of that was for him?”

She continued, “If I can be the donkey on which Jesus Christ rides in His glory, I give Him all the praise and all the honor.”

How often do we want life to be about us – our plans and our comfort? Donkeys are slow, stubborn and when they feel unsafe they dig their heels in and won’t move. Fear stops me dead in my tracks – every time. It isn’t until I surrender to God do I move forward productively. It’s not about me. It’s about God. What is His plan?

Am I focusing on my desires and other’s shortcomings 
Am I focusing on other’s desires and my shortcomings?

Actionable Step: Print off this chart. Find somewhere quiet and read through it asking God to show you where you are being proud and where you are being humble.  Confess areas of pride.

Question: Why do you think pride is such a struggle for people regardless of race, age, social or financial status?


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