Does What I Do on Earth Matter?

 We will all be perfect when we get to heaven, right? So why strive for it now? What does it matter?  Can’t I just enjoy the things of this earth now and then end up in the same standing as the next guy for the rest of eternity?

Sure, the day of judgement might be a little awkward, but that won’t last too long. I’ll just grit my teeth through it and then God will wipe away all my tears – so I’ll be golden. Best of both worlds, literally.

I mean, think about the parable of the laborers. In the end, the guy who showed up in the last hour got the same amount of money as the dude who worked from sun up. Honestly, I consider myself a smarticle-particle to have figured this out.

Rewards, you say?  Ah, yes.  We will be rewarded for what we have done.  But, don’t you remember we give all back to Jesus? So in the end everyone will be walking around looking the exact same.  No one will remember that I enjoyed the things of the earth and the things of heaven.

Come now you earthly-minded, weep and howl for the miseries that are coming upon you. Your fancy cars and comfy houses have rotted, your clothes..all your stuff – its now all in ruins.

Don’t you see? Take the scales off your eyes.  None of that stuff matters.  It’s like Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake – the 20 minutes on your taste buds are  awesome – but the 1/3 cup sugar and a day’s worth of calories come at a long term cost to  blood sugar, energy and weight.

All the things of this world are a gift, a blessing from God to enjoy.  But don’t hope in them. Hope in God.  A little cheesecake is good – a lot is bad.

A little cheesecake is good – a lot is bad.

Don’t you see? This  day, this moment – it’s not all you’ve got. Don’t be blind to the true state of things. Don’t be a cow grazing in the fields getting fat, living in luxury and not realizing the day of slaughter is coming. When it’s in your power, treat people well, care for them.

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