Thankful for Today


Peaking out the upstairs window that misty morning
The vice around my heart tightened as I watched him walk away
His gait like yesterday and the yesterday before
But looks can be oh-so deceiving

I snap a picture of him with my eye
Wondering if it was to be the last
Emotions flooded through my heart and out my eyes

Humble, Caring, Selfless, Sacrificing, Passionate, Missioner
Just a few words to describe a man I’d grown to respect so
If heaven were to open its doors today it would gain a precious soul

Endless constant prayer
A broken phone call
Our worst fears realized
Diligent surgeon hands
Working the seemingly impossible
A miracle
A new chance at life

Hugging him tightly, tears spilling over
Realizing the importance of making time,
Saying those words
And never, ever taking today for granted again.



*This is my perspective on the day My father-in-law had a massive heart attack this past spring while we were traveling with them in Europe – celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary.  He survived a triple bypass surgery and is now in good health and walking three miles a day.


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