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I’m generally a neat, organized, fit it in the box kind of girl.  The process of writing, I’m finding is not any of those things.  When I decided I wanted become more serious about writing, I dutifully put a task on my to-do list: Write 30 minutes a day.  I can hear all of you who are further along in this process than me, laughing.

Writing isn’t like shining the sink or cooking dinner.  You can’t be running the kidsFile Sep 14, 9 53 31 AM to soccer, have a cake in the oven and squeeze a few minutes into writing.  At least I can’t.  Writing can’t be rushed. It has to evolve. On the other hand,  if I am not intentional about scheduling time to write on my calendar – it doesn’t happen.

Finding the balance of writing while life is happening all around me is my greatest challenge.  Being a good mom and a writer at the same time don’t seem mesh well.  I have an open door policy, which means I am available for my teens any time they need me.  It also means I’ve been interrupted six  seven times since I started writing this post.

I’ve dreamed about those adult tree houses – one where I could escape to the quiet and my thoughts.  Or how about a boat house on the lake, ahhh.  While we are dreaming – how about a jet that I could fly to exotic places?  Could you imagine writing about the Alps while sitting on top of them? Or hanging out in the Grand Canyon writing for the afternoon.  Or one day on the Atlantic beach and the next on the Pacific?

While we are dreaming big – why limit it to the States? I’d love to sit in a cafe in Paris or look over the London Bridge and take in all the sights and sounds, processing them as my fingers flew over the keys. Actually, I wouldn’t mind hanging out on the moon.  How awesome would it be to write about the feel of the dirt first hand!

But, alas – for now, my favorite place to write is in a nook in my bedroom that has a beautiful view of the pond and woods. You’ll usually find me snuggled up on the recliner, feet tucked under me, quilt on my lap, plunking away at my laptop. And reminding myself on the eight interruption that day, how very blessed I am to be a mom with teens who still want to share their lives with me.



  1. Nancy, I think your dreams of writing about “exotic” places while visiting them sounds glorious! I loved your comment about “squeeze a few minutes into writing” and your inability to do so. I write at my kitchen table (more out of convenience than desire), and my husband has a habit of sitting next to me chatting while I write. I know I’m a great multi-tasker, but my brain does not know how to create great prose while chatting about what I’m making for dinner. Ugh!

  2. Nancy, I loved this post. It was so real. Life happens. You have a wonderful gift to be able to take a “frustrating”, or sometimes difficult situation and turning it into a positive experience. I am so fearful of being interrupted when I write that I just don’t write. Thanks for the encouraging words! I just may give writing another chance.

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