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Day Eighteen: Hone Your Point of View

The neighborhood has seen better days, but Mrs. Pauley has lived there since before anyone can remember. She raised a family of six boys, who’ve all grown up and moved away. Since Mr. Pauley died three months ago, she’d had no income. She’s fallen behind in the rent. The landlord, accompanied by the police, have come to evict Mrs. Pauley from the house she’s lived in for forty years. Today’s prompt: write this story in first person, told by the twelve-year-old sitting on the stoop across the street.


Dear Diary,

What a weird day today was. I’m so freaking mad I can’t even see straight.  I just don’t get how adults can be so cruel.  I wish there was something I could do.  I swear, when I grow up, I’m going to remember today. I’m not going to be like those stupid grown-ups.  I mean, from as young as  I can remember they have been telling me to share, to be kind, to think of others.  They need to listen to their own advice.

Mrs. Pauley was there for me when no one else was. I always knew I could sneak away to her house and she would have chocolate chip cookies for me.  I swear she put extra chocolate chips into the batter.  Pure yumminess.  Anyway, I’ve got to figure out something I can do to help her.

Seeing the police cars pull up across the street in her driveway stunned me this afternoon.  How I hate stupid Mr. Duckface, or whatever his name is.  All slinking up to her door behind the police.  He wasn’t even man enough to go without the police to protect him from Mrs. Pauley.  Like really?!  What did he think she was going to do?  Throw chocolate chip cookies at him?  I swear, if I was a grownup I would have marched over there and punched him in the nose.

Who can be that awful of a person?  Her husband is dead. Doesn’t he get that?  Dead.  And she’s old.  Really old.  Just because she can’t pay her rent they are going to kick her out?  I can’t believe this.  What can I do?  I wonder where all her boys are? Why aren’t they helping her?  Stupid boys.  Maybe they don’t know.  What are their names again?  Bob, Billy, Barney, Brad, BoBo and Eddie.  Who names all their kids starting with B except the last one? Maybe they ran out of B boy names.  I would have named him Bernie.

This is insane.  Mrs. Pauley has been here since the dinosaurs.  I have to do something.  Why won’t my stupid parents do anything? They just jabber on and on about responsibility, yadda, yadda, yadda.  Whatever.   I’m going to do something.  I’m going to get the money to pay her rent.  My parents will never miss it.  If they do, serves them right.  They should have paid it themselves.  Mom keeps moving the jar with the bills in it. She thinks I won’t find it.  Ha.  Shows what she knows.  I bet I can find it in less than five minutes.  I’ll be right back.

4 minutes and 28 second later

Got it! Ha.  I’m so much smarter than they think.  Now to pay Mrs. Pauley’s rent so she can stay…


  1. My favorite moment: “How I hate stupid Mr. Duckface, or whatever his name is. All slinking up to her door…” and to the end of that paragraph. But I also love the boy names (especially the story that should be behind the odd name) and the “since the dinosaurs.” Fun read! Love the surprise ending!

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