Not So Simple…After All

This is a follow-up post to Simple Solutions written back in January of this year.  I had injured my index finger joint in December and had thought I had a quick, inexpensive fix to the problem.

Yet, here we are in May and the problem is far from being solved.


Yes, I finally succumbed and saw a hand specialist – after a month wait to get an appointment.  He drew pictures on my hand.  Didn’t he ever learn in kindergarten not to draw on your hands?  On the other hand, (pun intended) I did remember what he said for more than five minutes. So, maybe he was onto something.

He said I stretched or sprained my Radial Collateral Ligament or RCL for short.  It runs along the side of my finger (in the direction of the lines)  It is not intended to stretch towards my other fingers (notice the arrow). I torqued in that direction causing a sprain or overstretched ligament – in December!  I keep re-injuring it every time my finger goes in the direction of the arrow. I need a brace to hold the finger away from the other fingers so the ligament will heal and return to normal.

20140503_144247He then shared that it will take longer than a break to heal, but at least I wouldn’t have to have a cast. I could have a brace.  How kind. When I asked how long it would take he said a couple of months – up to six months!

Lovely.  I was planning on a nice easy shot in my finger and then life as planned.  A brace for six months? In hindsight, maybe I wasn’t as smart as I thought.   So, here’s a picture of my new accessory.  Maybe this means I can’t wash dishes for six months??

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