Virtual Beach

As you can probably guess from my theme, the beach is one of my most favorite places in the world.  I just love listening to the waves while feeling the rays of warm sunshine.

Since the beach and its soothing sounds are a distant memory on these long winter days, I did a search in the iTunes store to see if I could find something to replicate sounds of the waves.  Many of the apps I tried left much to be desired.  You could often hear the track looping.  Not good.  Some would shut off when you switched to a different app.  Not good either.  I wanted something I could run in the background while multitasking.

rainThen I found Rain Rain for ios available in the iTunes store. I immediately fell in love. First of all, it’s free.  Always a big plus! You can pay .99 to have the adds removed if you wish.  Secondly, it has 20 different high-quality sounds.  I’ve yet to hear the loop in any of them.

My new favorite is Crackling Fire.  It makes me feel warm on those long, dreary, never-ending winter days we are experiencing.  (Especially snuggled under some warm blankets with a cup of coffee.)  I also like Harbor Seagulls and of course, Ocean Waves. There aren’t really any I don’t like.  Except maybe Clothes Dryer.  It reminds me of the unfolded clothes in my dryer.

Seriously, grab a pair of headphones and a bit of imagination and you can transport your mind to a relaxing place for a few minutes.  I bet these  sounds would also be great to go to sleep to -no need for a noise maker machine, this works perfectly!

If you’d like visual with the sounds, you might also want to check out YouTube for waves or fires.  I was surprised to see the number of 3 hour or longer relaxing videos.  Like I said earlier, I enjoy multitasking so I think I’ll stick with Rain Rain for now.

Happy relaxing!

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