My Crush

school-busLove can be found in the craziest places – yes, even on a school bus. I’m still not quite sure how I landed on the school bus that night.  Being there was certainly not on my agenda as my day began.  Having arrived at college two weeks after classes started (that’s another story for another day) I was knee deep in studying. Any spare second was spent working.

Which is exactly how this particular day started. The course of my entire life changed the evening I walked into my dorm room, exhausted from babysitting.  There was a simple note taped to my door.  It read:

Do you want to go skating with me tonight? -Jason

Ripping the note from my door, knowing it was a prank since I’d not met any boys yet, I headed back into the common area to find out who had hung the note.

The culprit quickly confessed and begged me to join her on a rollerskating event hosted by the college.  I reluctantly agreed, figuring I should put the books away for a few hours and socialize.

I want to remind you that I know no one other than a few suite-mates.  The rascal of a friend doesn’t sit with me on the bus but plops down across from me.  My cheeks still get red at the thought of what happened next.

A guy gets on the bus and she says, “Hey, why don’t you sit with her?” as she points to me.  He laughs one of those awkward laughs and proceeds to find a seat somewhere else.  Repeat above scenario. Repeat again.

At this point, I am mortified and have no idea what to do. I’m pondering getting off the bus, but not nervy enough to endure the anticipated jesting from my said friend. So, deep in thought, I don’t hear the guy saying, “Can I sit here?” until he repeats himself.

As the words sink in, I’m horrified.  This guy feels sorry for me! I slink james-1-1down in my seat, cross my arms and mumble something affirmative. The worst part is that he is really stinking cute.  Ugh!

What happens next takes this from being one of those embarrassing moments in life that you quickly forget about and move on to a moment forever etched in my mind.

We start talking and talking and talking.  And haven’t stopped for the last twenty-four years.

img_1210I thank God every day for the blessing of sharing my life with James.  He has taught me what love is not in words but in actions.  A more selfless guy does not exist. He makes me a better person just by being around him. He’s not one given to fluffy words but speaks the truth in love.  A better soul-mate is not to be found.  I love you, honey! Thanks for sitting my me on the bus. 🙂


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