Love in Deed

Think about your entire life as a whole and quickly – without thinking, tell me the kindest deed someone has done for you. What came to your mind?

For me, I’m not much of sentimental person, my style tends toward minimalism.  Nothing on surfaces, no frills – keeps my brain calm and relaxed. Which, of course, is a good thing.  So, when you ask me the above question I think of probably one the most emotional acts towards me, one that was sentimental at the core.

A few years ago , in passing, I shared with my sister that I didn’t have anything my dad had made and I was sad about that.  Time passed and those comments became a distant memory to me.  But, apparently not to my sister.  Imagine my surprise when my sister’s van, after a two hour trip to my home, pulled up into my driveway. I came quizzically to the driveway as my brother-in-law opens the back of the van and begins to pull out the hope chest my dad had made for my sister.

I had no words. Such love. Such sacrifice. She was giving it to me. I was hope-chesthumbled and felt enveloped in a great big hug of love.  Years have gone by since that precious day. The hope chest still sits in a prominent place in my home. Every time I pass it, I feel that same hug I felt the day I first peered at it coming out of the back of the van. Not only did I have something that my dad made, but it was also a gift that I knew was dear to my sister and she had selflessly and lovingly given to me, putting my desires above her own.

I love you, Dawn.  You are a precious gem of a sister.

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