So, I share with my small group that I’m going to see the specialist to determine if of the problems with my left eye could be muscle.  As my friend was praying for healing I heard God whisper to me that He has healed me.  Then I thought of all that had transpired to allow me to see as well as I do today. Without the Avasin injections, I would have lost most independence. I came home this morning and was reading Pastor Gordon’s new book, “Taste, My New Life Without Food.” I was reading the chapter Taste and See. In this chapter he is explaining all the blessings he as living without food.  Things like a comfortable chair and bed. The light bulb went on in my head.  I have been trying to be positive through this terrible, awful thing I’m going through – the thing that I can’t believe is happening to me.

That’s not how it works. I have to be grateful in my trial. I’m not suppose to endure until it ends.  I can see to drive during the day in good weather. Kindle allows me to increase the font to see the words. I’ve found getting into bright light with reading glasses helps make it easier to read too.  Fonts increase on computer screens and phones too.  My husband is gracious and takes me faithfully on a moments notice downtown to see the specialist.  My kids patiently read their algebra answers to me so I can verify them in the answer book.  My children are also great navigators – we can travel two hours from home in the daylight. I have amazing friends who call and offer me rides when they are going to a church event after dark. Others volunteer to drive out of their way each week to pick me up for Bible Studies and such.  Our Saturday evening church service is small enough I can sit in the front row. So many people are praying for me and have been for years and years. You don’t have to see to pray. On and on the blessing go. God is good – all the time.

As I was reading Pastor’s story and realizing how much I am blessed in this trial, I heard God whisper that He has brought me healing. I asked Him to take me deeper with Him and He is doing just that. He is healing me spiritually. It will be awesome if He does heal me physically, but if He doesn’t I can still be so thankful that He has healed me in so many ways.  Blessed be the name of the Lord!

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