Making Moments Count

Elderly Couple Die Holding Hands

 Undated photo of Floyd and Margaret Nordhagen

Undated photo of Floyd and Margaret Nordhagen

I sat with tears in my eyes as I read this article. How sweet – the elderly couple died holding hands. Oh, my, that’s how I want to go. I wouldn’t have to live a moment without my husband.

Sometimes life seems like it’s flying by. We are so busy just doing life. Who is picking the kids up from soccer? Did you have time to look at the broken dishwasher? What’s for supper? When do we have to leave for that appointment again? As we rush through each moment, I am thankful for such an awesome partner with which to do life.

My husband is one of those guys who, I’m convinced would stay calm in the middle of a hurricane. Oh wait, been there, done that – and calm he was. That trait balances me so very well because I’m often quite the opposite of calm.  But, I am organized and aware of time, which has kept my husband from missing a flight more than once.

We when to pre-marriage counseling and were told we were so opposite in personalities we might not be compatible.  After twenty plus years of marriage, I am quite convinced that the opposite is true.  Our differences allow us to cover for the others weaknesses.  Life works for us.

But, this article was a good reminder that we didn’t get married to be good business partners. Having each of us utilize our strengths and work together is a blessing. But, we got married because we loved each other and didn’t want to live life apart. In all the hurriedness I don’t want to forget that.  Rather I want to take time to appreciate him for who he is – to make the moments count. I’m so sad to hear of the loss of this couple, but their story is a beautiful reminder not to get so busy and forget what really matters in life.

Maybe you aren’t in a relationship. Then reach out to a friend or family member – let them know you appreciate them. Don’t let another moment go by. Life is too short to not stop and hold hands.

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