Stay Mr. Sandman

  breath slows body relaxes noises cease sweet, beautiful sleep overtakes   Consciousness creeps in My body screams – Just one more minute Powerless to stop the engines Shifting, shifting, constantly shifting Full speed ahead  


Sun glinting on glass tops Swaying trees on pond surfaces Silhouettes at sunset A kind word, a soft touch, an unheard prayer A sideways glance, a harsh tone, a set jaw Each moment as light beams from my heart scatter in every direction In your Word, I drench my heart Jesus, may …

Welcome Friend

Pushed down Squashed Almost forgotten   I found her one summer afternoon Timidly peering out through the cobwebs of my soul   Even after all these months, she only speaks in complete stillness. Silencing Sybil is a feat worthy of attempting. For when she knows it’s safe, only then will …

Inside the Walls

Falling, falling, falling, Spiraling, swirling, sinking Despair. Darkness. Down, down, down, Surrounding shadows screeching Panic. Powerless. Empty. Small. Alone.   Accepted. Beautiful. Confident. Courageous. Safe. Secure. Dreams born. Promises kept.   Cool breezes on sunny days Crashing of the ocean waves Crunching fall leaves underfoot Crystalline ice glazed branches

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