A – God is Almighty

Last year I participated in the A-Z Challenge .  The basic idea is to pick a theme and post every day in the month of April from A to Z.  My theme last year was Who am I?  This year my theme is Who is God?  I am excited to spend the next month with you reflecting on the different character traits of God.

A is for Almighty

Psalm 147:4-5  “He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name.  Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding his no limit.”

This verse makes me smile every time I hear it.  When my children were preschool age, this was one of the first verses they learned.  I still hear their sweet voices and see their little hand motions as they emphasized GREAT is the Lord and of GREAT POWER. His understanding is INFINITE.

How often do I rush around trying to solve every problem, thinking only of prayer as a last result? I just finished a book set in ancient Rome.  They had so many statues they worshiped -cold, unalive, man-made statues.  But my God – he is alive. More than just alive –  he is almighty.  Almighty means more than mighty and powerful. He is the mighty-est of the mighty. There is no one more mighty or powerful.  His might is unlimited and boundless.

And that is a game changer.

Whatever trial, worry or struggle you are facing – God is almighty.  I am not left alone with my strength.  But, I can trust the one who loves me and has the power to help me.  Like a four-year-old, I can raise my hands and say, “GREAT is the Lord and of GREAT POWER. His understanding is INFINITE.”

What problem are you facing today? I would encourage you to bring it to God in prayer.  Then pick a Bible verse and think about it throughout the day. When I take my eyes off my problems and cling to the truth of who God is I find comfort and peace.

Thank you, God, for being almighty. Your power has no limits. Nothing is impossible with you.  I lay my burdens down at your feet, trusting you to work the outcome for you are a good, good God.  I pray for strength today to trust you more. May your peace guard our hearts and minds.  In Jesus Name. Amen.


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April’s gonna be a good month. Bring on the devos, Nancy! I enjoyed the repetition of the little ones saying the verse. It reminds me how small and young we are in comparison to God.

kaykuala h

God is Great! There’s no doubt about it.


Arlee Bird

Excellent theme. I’ve finally added your link to my A to Z link list. I’m getting behind!

Hope your posts touch a few folks who need it most.

Arlee Bird
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