Thinking before Speaking

When I write, I have a chance to reread it and make any necessary corrections before I hit the enter key.  How I wish my brain had an enter key.

Two days down to my six day commitment.

For the rest of the week I will only speak words that are good for building others up, fit the occasion and give grace to those who hear.  I will speak no evil about anyone to anyone.

The first day went well.  But as I think back to yesterday, there was a situation I was dealing with and in the moment, my commitment never crossed my mind.

Receive with meekness the implanted Word

How do I get the Word of God implanted in me? How do I stop the out-flowing of my words?  I thought about writing the key words I wanted to remember on my fingers with a sharpie – which I still may end up doing. But, instead I jotted down the things I want to remember in my journal. I then followed these steps to make it my lock screen on my phone.  Hopefully every time I turn my phone on I’ll remember my goals.

Putting a photo on your lock/home screen (ios)

  • Take a picture
  • Use the EDIT button to make any changes, I used the crop button to remove the spiral bound wires
  • Click on the icon that looks like an arrow trying to escape from the top of a box
  • Select Use as Wallpaper
  • Move the picture until you are happy with the placement
  • Select Set Lock Screen for the screen you see when you turn your phone on
  • Select Set Home Screen for the background with your apps on top


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Nice pic and post! I’m glad you gave an update. Of course the nosy in me wants to know the details on the slip-up…


Ugh – isn’t it always a variation of the same themes? This challenge has been good for me though – I was not aware of the negative chatter that rumbling around in my head. I now realize if I want nice stuff to come out of my mouth, I have to have nice stuff in m head.